Air Force 1 Comic Character Custom


Viva El Barto! Whether you’re going on your Saturday stroll or strolling through life, these handmade comic sneaker customs are exactly what you’re looking for.

  • handmade in Hamburg
  • each pair is sealed with a special finisher – our shoes are made to be worn
  • each pair is  uniquely made for our clients’s custom ideas
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Here to save the day… yet again! Slip on your Bart Simpson’s graffiti-tagging alter-ego UPSs sneakers and then head out to become one of the most infamous outlaws in Springfield. Sorry, not sorry!

Easy to put on, but a little hard for you to want to take off, these handmade in Hamburg pristine white leather low-tops come with different designs on both outsides, see through Swoosh to protect the colours and alternatively devine art style. Crafted from white leather and sealed with a special premium finisher, featuring a round toe, a lace fastening and a custom made Swoosh on the inside. Not your usual sneakers.

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Damen, Herren


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